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Sometimes remembering to take your medication each day can be difficult. It may also be challenging to remember how your doctor instructed you to take it. MedSimple can help make that easier for you with our free medication reminder app and other features. Here, we will walk you through step-by-step instructions for how to use MedSimple’s medication reminder app and other features.

    MedSimple for your Mobile Device

  • Getting Started

    This is what your screen will look like on your iPhone or Android when you first sign in to the MedSimple App. You will see a list of all the features offered by MedSimple: Med List, Med Search, Cost Savings, Dose Reminders, Refills, and Profile. You can tap on any of these options to access the feature.

    Getting Started
  • Med List

    When you select the Med List, you will see this screen with a list of all of the medications you have added.

    Med List

    You can add additional medications to your Med List by tapping the (+) sign in the upper right corner. Ttype the name of your medication or select your medication from the Medication Lookup list. Next, you will select the dosage form for the medication, such as solution, tablet, capsule, or powder. In the case below, we will select Citalopram tablets.

    Med List

    Next, you will chose the strength of the medication. This is the strength of the dosage form, not your total dose. For example, if you take 2 tablets of Metformin 500 mg for a total dose of 1000 mg with each meal, you will select 500 mg as your Dose Strength, not 1000 mg. In this case, we selected Citalopram 20 mg tablets.

    Med List

    Now you will be able to select your custom dose for your medication by entering how many tablets you take each time you take the medication. This is not how many you take each day, but rather how many you take each time you take the medication. For example, if you take 1 Calcium Citrate tablet twice per day, you will enter 1 in the “How much do you take?” section. In this case, we will select 1 tablet of Citalopram.

    Med List

    In the next section, you will select how often you take your medication in the “How often do you take it?” section. In this case, we will choose 1 time per day.

    Med List

    After customizing your medication schedule, you may choose to add additional notes about your medication. For example, if your doctor would like you remember to separate your levothyroxine from your other medications, you can add this information to your notes section.

    Med List

    Your next option is to add your prescriber (doctor) that wrote the prescription for you. When you list the prescriber with a medication, you’ll easily know who you can call with questions, appointment scheduling issues, or when you need new refills.

    Med List

    Similar to adding your prescriber, you can also choose to add the pharmacy that you fill the prescription at. Once again, this easily lets you know who you can call for questions or to contact for refills.

    Med List
  • Dose Reminder

    Once you have set up your Med List, it easy to add a medication reminder on your Apple or Android-powered device. Begin by selecting the medication from your Med List. Tap the center blue button labeled “Dose Reminder” and change the “Set Reminder” to “ON.”Now you can enter what time you would like the alarm to alert you to take your medication.

    Dose reminder Dose reminder
  • Learning About Your Medication

    You can also use your Med List to learn more about your medications. You have the option to find out why you’re taking a particular med, the side effects, how to take it, images, and drug interactions. You can also add personal notes about your medication in the My Notes section that can be viewed at any time. This same information can be accessed without adding a medication to your Med List. You can select any medication by accessing “Med Search” from the Home screen.

    Learn Med
  • Refill Reminders

    Refill reminders can be set up from your Med List by selecting the medication and tapping on the blue “Refill Reminder” button on the right side of the screen. This will lead you to the My Refills screen for that medication. Below is an example to set up refill reminders for Glucophage. First, enter the date that you last picked up the medication from your pharmacy in the “When did you pick it up?” section. Next, you will enter “Number of days for this refill.” This number is how many days the medication you last picked up should last you. For example, if you take your medication once per day and picked up 30 tablets, you will enter 30 into this section. Next, you will customize your refill reminder. In the “Days in Advance” section, you will select how many days before you run out that you would like to be reminded. You will also chose what time of day you would like to be alerted. The “# of Refills Remaining” information can be found on your prescription bottle. This helps you keep track of when you will run out of refills and will need to contact your doctor before refilling the prescription. If you have not already set up a preferred pharmacy from your Med List, you may add this information to the My Refills pharmacy section. If you have entered a phone number for your pharmacy, this will also appear on your My Refills screen.

    refillReminder refillReminder
  • Cost Savings

    Cost Savings information can be accessed from the main home screen for all of your medications or for an individual medication after selecting it from your Med List and tapping the blue “Cost Savings” button on the left side of the screen. MedSimple’s Cost Savings options will give you access to a Drug Discount Card, information about cost savings programs at local pharmacies, such as $4 lists, coupons from manufacturers, and assistance programs for individuals that meet certain financial requirements. Your “My Drug Discount Card” cannot be used in combination with Medicare, Medicaid, or any other government sponsored insurance.

    Cost Saving Cost Saving

    MedSimple Online

  • You can access all of MedSimple’s great features online from your computer in addition to your smartphone -- just sign into your account at If you already have an account on your mobile device, you can sign in online with the same username. If you don’t have an account yet, you can also set one up online. The myMedSimple tool available online allows you to access My Meds, Med Search, My Prescribers, and My Pharmacies.

  • My Meds

  • Add a New Medication

    You can add new medications to your profile on the computer by clicking the “My Meds” tab, followed by the green “+ Add New Med” button on the left side of the screen. This allows you to search for the name of your medication, enter the dosage form, strength, how much you take, how often you take, as well as enter extra information such as “What are you taking this medication for?” or “Special Instructions.” You may also choose to add your prescriber or pharmacy.

  • Refill Reminders

    Refill Reminders can be set up on this same screen when you add a new medication -- all you have to do is enter how many refills you have left. This information can be found on your prescription bottle. Next, enter when you last picked up the medication, number of days the refill will last, and how soon in advance you would like to be reminded about your refill and what time of day you would like to be reminded.

  • Additional Information

    Your last option is to add any additional information in the “My Notes” box. Once you hit save, this information will be stored in your myMedSimple profile.

  • Med Search

    Med Search online works the same way as Med Search on your mobile device. Med Search allow you to search for and learn about medications without adding the medication to your Med List. Med Search gives you access to information such as reasons to take the med, side effects, how to take the med, images, drug interactions, and cost savings. Once you have searched for a medication, you can choose to easily add it to your Med List by clicking on the green “+ Add to My Meds” button to the left of the search bar.

  • My Prescribers

    When you have more than one doctor, it can be hard to keep track of which doctor prescribed what medication for you. MedSimple’s “My Prescribers” allows you to add each of your doctors with their phone number as well as any additional notes.

    My Prescribers
  • My Pharmacies

    Similar to the “My Prescribers” option, “My Pharmacies” allows you to keep a list of the different pharmacies from which you get your medication. You can add a new pharmacy by clicking on the green “+ Add Pharmacy” button and entering your pharmacy’s name and contact information.

    My Pharmacies
  • My Profile

    You can add information to “myProfile” online. By entering your address and financial information, MedSimple can find better cost savings programs for you. Some cost savings programs are based on financial need, so this information helps MedSimple to determine if you are eligible. By providing your address, MedSimple can look for cost savings programs at pharmacies near you.

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